About Us

The Little Grass Shack was born from a love for the people, culture and lifestyle of the islands of Hawaii.  Many who have not been to the islands have a misconception of what true Hawaii is all about.  It's not the scenes you see on mainland "luau" decorations at your local party store or girls in coconut bras and plastic grass-like skirts or even mai tais on the beach.  Hawaii is so much more; so much deeper than what the kitsch and tiki culture convey. 

It is through that love of the culture and laid back attitude that I have shared with people closest to me that I design the products you see here.  My photography was featured in Hawaii Magazine in 2002 as a winner of the Hawaiian Culture category.  Upon entering the store you can sign up for our newsletter on the left sidebar to be notified when there are new designs or other fun tidbits about Hawaii. 

You may also like to visit our friends in aloha Sunsets of Hawaii which sell relaxation DVD's to help you unwind from a long day at work.  (Buy directly through the website and you can email for discount codes to save $2 per DVD over Amazon's price)  Also visit True Aloha which is a Hawaii blog that keeps you up to date with all things Hawaii.