Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have 2 distributors?
In order to give you, our customers, more selection!   There are some great products carried by one distributor that are unfortunately not carried by the other so we wanted to give you the option of where you choose to buy your merchandise.  Orders from Zazzle and Cafepress cannot be combined.

What if there is a problem with my order, should I email The Little Grass Shack?
No, all manufacturing, distribution, exchanges and returns are handled by Zazzle and Cafepress.  Go to or depending on who you ordered from and go to their help links to get your specific question answered. 

Can I get updates as to when The Little Grass Shack has new products?
You can join our fan club on Zazzle and be the first to be updated of any new products!

Do you have coupon codes?
You can do an internet search for "Zazzle coupon codes" or  "Cafepress coupon codes" and there are many sites that show the most current codes.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes!  Zazzle has a quick and easy gift certificate process that you can use by clicking here.   Don't forget to click "include link to a gallery" under the amount and add LITTLEGRASSHACK to the zazzle url shown.  The gift certificate does not expire.

There are gift certificates available through Cafepress as well.  So if you think the Hawaii lover in your life would like our products, please make sure to include our store url in the personal greeting portion of the gift certificate.  (  You can click here to purchase gift certificates.